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Algebra Math book - Introductory Algebra - Chapter Objectives

This page of my algebra math book, Introductory Algebra,  is a complete list of the objectives discussed in this Chapter and the Section they appear in.

Chapter 6 - Fractional Expressions

Sec6.1 Section6.1-Algebraic Fractions 1.  Build equivalent fractions using the multiplicative property of 1.
2.  Reduce an algebraic fraction to the lowest terms.

Sec6.2 Section6.2-Multiplication 3.  Find the product of two or more algebraic fractions.

Sec6.3 Section6.3-Division 4.  Find the quotient of two algebraic fractions.

Sec6.4 Section6.4-Sum and Difference of Like Fractions 5.  Find the sum of two algebraic fractions where the denominators are the same.
6.  Find the difference of two algebraic fractions with like denominators.

Sec6.5 Section6.5-Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples 7.  Given two or more polynomials, determine the GCF and the LCM.

Sec6.6 Section6.6-Sum and Difference of Unlink Fractions 8.  Find the sum of two algebraic fractions with different denominators using the LCD.
9.  Find the difference of two algebraic fractions with different denominators by using the LCD.

Sec6.7 Section6.7-Complex Fractions 10.  Simplify a complex fraction by using the LCD of all fractions involved.
11.  Rewrite a complex fraction as a quotient using the symbol  and then simplify.

Sec6.8 Section6.8-Fractional Equations 12.  Solve fractional equations with monomial denominators.
13.  Solve fractional equations where one or more of the denominators are polynomials written in a single variable.

Sec6.9 Section6.9-Literal Equations 14.  Solve literal equations and mathematical formulas that contain fractions.


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