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Algebra Math book - Introductory Algebra - Chapter Objectives

This page of my algebra math book, Introductory Algebra,  is a complete list of the objectives discussed in this Chapter and the Section they appear in.

Chapter 2 - Evaluating and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Sec2.1 Section2.1-Order of Operations and Grouping Symbols 1.  Find the value of a constant rational expression with or without parentheses.

Sec2.2 Section2.2-Evaluating Algebraic Expressions-Applications to Geometry 2.  Given an algebraic expression, substitute numeric values for the variables and evaluate the resulting expression.
3.  Find the area and perimeter of certain geometric figures.

Sec2.3 Section2.3-Positive Exponents 4.  Write a monomial in a form with or without exponents.
5.  Find the product of two or more monomials
6.  Evaluate a monomial given some fixed value for the variable(s).

Sec2.4 Section2.4-Using the Distributive Property 7.  Use the distributive property of multiplication over addition.
8.  Use the distributive property to factor.

Sec2.5 Section2.5-Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 9.  Given an algebraic expression,  recognize like terms.
10.  Simplify an algebraic expression by combining like terms.
11.  By applying the distributive property, remove grouping symbols and simplify the resulting expressions.

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